Short, Sweet and Unforgettable: A First-timers Trek to Beas Kund

I am Harshit Doshi, working in Noida with a strong and barely controllable frenzy for trekking and photography. Here is my experience of the Beas Kund Trek.

Beas Kund trek

A friend of mine, Hetal, was visiting me for the long weekend in June 2018. I always used to share my experiences and encounters with her which made her intrigued to participate in a trek herself.

This was her first trek and thus I wanted her to start with an easy level and picturesque trek. I couldn’t think of any better option than that of the Beas Kund Trek. This trek is one of the most popular treks in Manali region, the Beas Kund trek has the bliss of the mountains, quietude of the meadows, splashing sound of the water rushing against the rocks and unwilled air that makes it a sight for sore eyes and soul.

Beas Kund trek is a trek to the inception of the river Beas. You get to witness the alpine glacier melting and taking the form of river Beas.

A little about the Beas Kund Trek

Difficulty –  Easy

Duration – 3 Days

Basecamp – Bakharthach

Max Altitude – 12,500 ft

Distance – 26KM (to and from)

Best Time – May-Oct

Let me now take you through my journey-

We boarded a HRTC bus to Manali from Kashmere Gate ISBT Delhi at 6pm and we reached Manali next morning at 9am. We spent the day exploring the market and the streets of Manali. Savored our time by visiting some famous cafes in the evening and the day went by in the blink of an eye. Next morning, we were to meet our trek guide and other companions from Bikat Adventure.

The reason behind coming a day prior is to acclimatize the altitude, since your body is not use to of higher altitude and you may get sick of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) if you are not talking a halt.

Beas Kund trek

Day 1 – Dhundi – Bakharthach 6 KM

We gathered at the mall road govt. bus stand, there was a brief introduction of every participants. From there we drove to Dhundi, a drive of 20Km via Solang valley.

Dhundi is where we started our trek from, we were given briefing about this trek in India and how the trail was going to be. We were handed some snacks to have on the way.

1st day of the trek was 6KM long. We started walking along side of the river Beas. The sloshing sound of the water was pure music to the ears. The trail was just so prepossessing and enchanting. The snowcapped mountains, valley full of colorful flowers, Strawberries to pluck on your way, everything just added to the beauty of already so pleasing trail of the Beas Kund Trek.

After the trek of around 6KM, we reached our basecamp at Bakhartaj. We started pitching our tents followed by stretching session by our trek leader. We were provided with soup and refreshments. It felt like a benediction being surrounded by the mountains and clouds.

By the time for delicious dinner, everybody was friendly enough with each other to have good time.

Day 2 – Bakharthach– Beas Kund – Bakharthach (7 KM to and fro)

Next morning, we started at around 9 AM for Beas Kund in India. This trail was little tougher than the previous day. There were river crossings on our way which was so exciting. We had to climb through the boulders which was a little tricky part.

After a stretch 4KM, we reached Beas Kund, the very place of the inception of the river Beas, it was just so scenic to watch the formation of river Beas from the melting alpine glacier. The crystal turquoise blue water of the Beas Kund was a treat to eyes.

After spending great time adoring the beauty of Beas Kund, we headed back to our base camp. Everything on our way was perplexing and bewildering.

We reached back to the base camp by evening. Had tea and snacks. I spent my time capturing the beauty of nature on my camera my beautiful friend as well.

Evening passed by with all the photography, we had dinner, we were singing songs and celebrating the completion of Beas Kund trek.

Day 3-  Bakharthach – Dundi 6 KM

Next morning, we were to trek back down to Dundi. We had our breakfast and quickly helped our helping staff to wrap up the base camp and we were on our way. It was drizzling all the way. Thus the trails were a little slippery and we had to take extra care. Although the views were spectacular. Lush green grass everywhere. The flow of water in the river was more than it was when we started the trek. It took us around 2 and a half hours to reach Dundi.

The 3 days trek was altogether a mixture of jollification, merrymaking and recreation.

This is the most advisable trek for the first timers. (According to my friend. It was her first trek, remember?

Beas Kund trek

Author: Harshit Doshi

Beas Kund trek - author photo

YOU HAVE TO GET LOST BEFORE YOU CAN BE FOUND, living with this motto of life, I’m Harshit, a Delhi based guy in his late twenties working with Adobe Systems, who has an intense passion for travel, culture, languages and food. A thrill seeker who’s always in the midst of planning my next trip, I’ve a passion for trekking and other adventure activities.

I’m a traveler, trekker, explorer, writer and photographer. I grew up with a healthy appetite for adventure and made travel and photography a priority in my life. I have spent years trekking to the Himalayas and searching for peace and meaning of life, watching and understanding locals from mountains. I write from a wealth of my first-hand travel experiences both good and bad and make efforts to create and share amazing, inspiring content from my journey.

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