5 Amazing Festivals Of Munnar One Should Definitely Witness At Least Once

Munnar is known for its scenic beauty that comprises of gushing waterfalls, riveting mountain peaks, and gentle slopes carpeted with tea plantations. However, there is something else that is special and unique about Munnar—its culture. With many festivals of Munnar to celebrate all year long, tourists that come to this magical place are offered an experience that is truly memorable. Things to do in Munnar are plenty, among which the following festivals of Munnar are something you must experience at least once!


Unarguably Kerala’s biggest festival, Onam is a ten-day long affair. It falls sometime in the months of August and September. Mainly a harvest festival, the festival is when the locals believe their King Mahabali visits them. Fun, food, love, brotherhood, and a rich culture, all of these things are symbolized by this one festival. Colorful flowers, elaborate feasts, vibrant music, and a huge tourist crowd make Onam a spectacle to witness.

Nehru Trophy Boat Race

Boat races are an essential part of Kerala’s culture and Nehru Trophy Boat Race is an event that celebrates it. It takes place in Punnamda Lake, close to Alappuzha, every year during the month of August, on the second Saturday. Over two lakh people witness this fierce event, among which international tourists are also included. The village that wins the race celebrates the victory for many months ahead.


Celebrated in the middle of April, Vishu marks the spring equinox. A Hindu festival, on Vishu, Keralites worship Lord Vishnu. Families come together to celebrate the festival. Starting early in the morning, the worshipers visit a temple to perform the ritual of Vishukkani Kazhcha. Children enjoy the delicacies, firecrackers, and the overall jovial time of Vishu.


Yet another harvest festival of Kerala, Pongal is celebrated with immense fervor in all parts of the state, including Munnar. Witnessing the relationship bonds with animals, food, cleanliness, and nature that is celebrated during the four days of Pongal will stay with you much after your family vacation has ended. It is celebrated in January and people boil milk in clay pots to attract prosperity, wear new clothes, and make rangoli at the entrance of their house. It is an important cultural Kerala festival wherein the people of Kerala thank the sun, rain, and farm animals for how they supported their farming and lead to harvest.

Annual Fest Of Murugan Koil

The Murugan temple in Munnar is considered immensely significant by devotees who believe that the residing deity can cure diseases. Along with the aforementioned festivals of Munnar, the temple annual festival is also an important one. It is held in the Hindu month of Kartika (October-November) and coincides with Diwali.

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