My Bets On Voyager Smart Wallet For RTW Trip

It is only human to forget things at home or in any of the places you visit. A lot of people have lost their wallets and other valuable items by forgetting them. You can’t forget your Voyager Smart wallet by Cuirally. Yes, you can’t forget your wallet. This is the most attractive feature of the wallet. Once you are about to leave, you will receive a notification on your phone that you have forgotten your smart wallet.

Once there is a particular distance between you and your smart wallet, it will assume that you have forgotten it and a notification will be sent to your phone. Testing this feature is fun. A lot of users tried out the feature by pretending to have forgotten the wallet only to receive a notification. If you are the forgetful type like me, that easily forgets things, this is about the best product for you. It is advisable to always put all your items together with your smart wallet whenever you are not at home so that if you get notified that you have forgotten your wallet, you will pick everything together.

You are probably wondering what will happen if you forget both your smart wallet and your phone. That is no problem at all. You just need to login to your Chipolo account from any other device and you will see where you left it. Difference in your geographical location does not affect the function. So, if you have reached another country before you realize that you have lost your smart wallet, your Chipolo account will still do the magic.

Another impressive feature of the Voyager smart wallet is its camera facility. You can take selfies with your wallet. You only need to activate the function from the Chipolo account on your smartphone. How many smart wallets have this feature?

While you can use your phone to find your smart wallet, you can also use your wallet to find your phone. Sometimes, you might drop your phone somewhere around, probably hidden under your beddings. You can use your smart wallet to find it. Yes, you can also use another phone to dial it. But what if your phone is in silent mode? This is where your smart wallet is better. It will make your phone ring out whether it is in silent mode or not. You just need to double press the button at the right corner of the wallet and hear your smartphone ring out.

There is no product without its downside. This smart wallet is not an exemption as it has its own downside. It is overly dependent on a mobile phone. Most of its distinguishing features are dependent on a mobile phone. And more over those Chipolo chips comes at USD 25 a piece.

In conclusion, the Voyager smart wallet has several other attractive features and that is the reason I am betting on this product for my round the world trip. The ones outlined above are just its unprecedented features. Overall, not only it protects your cash but it gives good value for your money.

Tip – If you are not into the plain design of the wallet, print any of these svg files on a sticker and paste it. Voila, now you have your customized Voyager Smart wallet.

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