Secrets To Buying Flight Tickets For A RTW Trip

Have you thought of traveling around the world before? Do you seek for a convenient means to fly around the world? You are definitely on the right part because RTW tickets are very convenient when it comes to flying around the globe. They can get you anywhere you wish to go without booking flights and tickets in advance. However, you can purchase them in one bulk packages (which can help you save some funds).

Though RTW tickets are usually recommended by travel writers, sometimes they are not the best option for travelers who wish to go around the world. The RTW tickets often come with many rules and conditions which might not be suitable for you. They are good in some conditions. This article will help you know how they work and whether you should try them or not.

How Do The Tickets Work

RTW tickets are airline alliance pass. An airline alliance is a form of partnership that makes it possible for airlines to share seats on planes. It also guarantees elites some status benefits. For example, if you book with American Airlines (One World alliance), you can only use their partners like British Airways, Qatar Airways, LATAM, etc.

It is crucial to remember that not any one of these alliances comprises of the global budget airlines.

RTW tickets have terms and conditions. For example, a ticket is usually valid for one year from the date you acquired it and ends in the same country you started using it in. Read carefully all those T&C’s before purchasing RTW tickets.

Each of these passes allow a set number of stopovers. You can get tickets in the first class, as well as business and economy class. The Star Alliance RTW flight tickets also requires the passengers to begin and finish in the same country.

The two main airline alliances that sell these passes are Star Alliance and One World. They also have their own rules including:

  • Star Alliance considers how many miles you travel offer passes in 29,000; 34,000 or 39,000 miles increments.
  • One World RTW tickets offers two different types of passes: A segment based and mileage based.

How much does around the world tickets cost?

RTW tickets prices are between $2,700–$15,000 depending on the route, class of booking and number of stops.

On the tickets, you are permitted to change the dates and times. There wouldn’t be an extra charge, depending on the booking conditions, as long as you don’t change your destination.

You can book RTW ticket airlines by calling the reservation lines on their sites. This can also be done through third party agents like AirTreks, etc.

Are RTW tickets worth buying?

RTW tickets can be recommended for people with a fixed schedule and who know where they want to go. If you have fixed travel dates and multiple destinations, RTW ticket is just the best for you because it will save you a lot of time and significant shrunk of money.

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