Palm Springs Trip Planning – A How To Guide

If you are looking for an exciting vacation in California, get started with your Palm Springs trip planning. Palm Springs is a city located in the California Desert, on the western edge of the Coachella valley. It is a desert resort city which is famous for being the perfect holiday destination for many. The city is very popular for its mid-century modern architecture and design.

Palm Springs Trip Planning

Almost a few hundred years after this land was discovered, it became a resort destination for many, who flocked here to enjoy the warm climates. As of today, the city is a hotspot vacation destination and hosts a number of recreational activities making it a favourite amongst tourists.

The best way to make the most of your trip is to avail one of the many homes for rent in Palm Springs. This way you can ensure that your accommodation is in close proximity with all of the places you intend to visit. Palm Springs is a city with plenty of options for enjoying both a family vacation as well as a solo one. So, come enjoy this modern, mesmerising city in all its glory.

When To Visit Palm Springs

The city, being located in the desert region of California, has temperatures that could cross 40 degrees Celsius in the summertime. The Spring and Fall seasons are an excellent time to visit Palm Springs given the favourable climate and the inexpensive airfares and hotel prices.

The most ideal time to visit Palm Springs would be the winter season when the temperatures are perfect for indulging in a number of recreational activities such as hiking, spa pampering etc.

The months of February and April see the maximum number of events taking place in Palm Springs. Festivals like Tour de Palm Springs, Coachella and White Party Palm Springs are the ones that see the maximum number of visitors. Hence, it is most ideal to take up your Palm Springs trip planning based on the weather and convenience during your travel dates.

Transportation Within Palm Springs

The Palm Springs International Airport has over 10 airlines that cater to all travels to and from Palm Springs as well as the Coachella Valley. Apart from this, you could also use the train services which stop at the station three times per week. For your travels within the city, the SunLine Transit Agency provides bus service in the Coachella Valley.

Similarly, the Morongo Basin Transit Authority provides bus shuttle services to the Morongo Basin communities. A free bus shuttle service called Buzz Trolley runs every fifteen minutes on a loop covering prime spots within the city.

Since tourists who come on holiday visit the city, the most preferred means of transport is to hire a vehicle of your own. You could rent scooters and motorbikes from Scoot Palm Springs or Eaglerider. The option of having your own vehicle would make your Palm Springs trip planning more convenient and hassle-free.

What To See In Palm Springs

Palm Springs Trip Planning

An important thing to keep in mind during your Palm Springs trip planning is to let go of excessive preparation and to embrace the beautiful valley for all its splendour. Regardless, there are a few locations within the city that are a must-see.

Start off your Palm Springs adventure by trekking up the Tramway road and boarding a rotating car from the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. This ride offers spectacular views of the Coachella Valley. If you are a fan of exploring natural landscapes, you must visit the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens where you can explore both North American and African landscapes.

The Palm Springs Art Museum is a destination that houses many sculptures and paintings. Exhibitions in this museum are centred around the desert theme as well. Golfing is one of the favourite activities amongst visitors in Palm Springs and the best place to do the same is Sunnylands.

You could also pay a visit to the Cabazon Dinosaurs museum that houses dinosaur sculptures and some interesting facts on these ancient creatures. Palm Springs is home to a multitude of stunning art galleries and furniture stores that have some really unique pieces up on display.

What To Eat In Palm Springs

The food situation is something that you should not be too worried about during your Palm Springs trip planning. Palm Springs in USA is home to some of the best fusion restaurants in town which offer a spectacular ambience as well. If you are looking for having a special evening out, the city has plenty of fine dining restaurants that offer the perfect backdrop of the city.

The food scene here varies from traditional cafes that offer excellent burgers and shakes to some top-quality organic, vegan restaurants. Given the large number of festival-goers that throng the city, there are also plenty of trendy restaurants offering very interesting dishes on their menus.

Useful Tips For Traveling To Palm Springs

  • Rather that booking a luxurious and expensive hotel impulsively, do take out some time to check out the various other beautiful accommodations around the city.
  • It is expected of you to tip the waiting staff or your valet person with 15-20% charge on the bill. It is considered proper etiquette to do so.
  • Before making plans to go to certain locations, check beforehand if your place of interest requires you to adhere to any particular dress code.
  • Ensure that you figure out a means to get around the city as unlike most major destinations, you will not be able to avail a cab on demand.
  • The summers in Palm Springs can be too hot for some. Ensure you carry sunscreen lotion, hats and sunglasses so that you get optimum protection from the sun.
  • Before stepping out of your hotel, consult your concierge for some suggestions on the best places to visit and the best routes to take for the same.

So, don’t forget to relax and explore this modern and unique city in California in all its grandeur.

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